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6 tips on Display design for your billboard banners

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1. Large texts for brand name or company name outdoor designs should be simple, clear and easy to read. Graphic billboards should be legible from 600 feet away.

2. Bold letters and legible text fonts Always use large, legible typefaces. At 600 feet, thin lines optically fade or break up. Do not use curvy, decorative, italic, thin line fonts.

3. One highlight message Make it simple, Don’t present a complex message or numerous images as it may promote confusion. Have one focal point for your Banner, focus on the highlight itself.

4. Be on precise and clear as much as possible, use slogans. Keep the words short for faster comprehension.

5. Color Use Vivid colors that's striking and cool to the eyes, this will help the reader understand the texts faster.

6. Do not use white Backgrounds white backgrounds will wash out and compete with the remainder of the entire banner. Avoid using it as it is not catchy to the eyes

Make your pictures a piece of canvas art

Make your pictures a piece of canvas art

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Everybody likes taking photos and keeping some memories not only in their minds but also on their walls and elsewhere. Canvas art app is a unique app that can help make your pictures prettier. We all have photos taken in places we never want to forget and with people who are so close to us that we want to keep their photos not only in our Smartphone but also in our rooms in the form of canvas.

You can brighten up your walls with images that are dear to you, and they will become more animated and realistic. Just imagine your friend's and relative's reactions when they come to your place and see the canvases hung on the walls all around the house. It is so pleasant and will be a real surprise for them.

Canvas prints are not only gotten from the photos in the computer and social media websites, but with phone through our canvas art app. Canvas art apps helps you create an excellent canvases that you have dreamed but couldn’t have.

Canvas art app is another way to make your photos a piece of canvas art. It is an application that enables you to download your photos from Facebook, Cloud, Dropbox and give them life. Canvass art app gives you an opportunity to decide which shape, form of canvases you want as well as to choose canvas splits, story canvases which allows having more than one photo on the same canvas. The size of your desired canvas is not a problem, because the quality of the photo does not suffer. Let’s agree that it is something that needs to be tried.

The frames of the canvas may play an essential role in the wrong choice of the structure which also can spoil the art while the right one will make your photo even more beautiful and unique. There are different types of canvases, and you can choose their frames. Each of them has its price like a tabletop metal frame with rounded corners, canvases with a wooden easel, layered wall art, high gloss desk art, high gloss wall art, canvas cluster, same day canvas, mounted photos, collage canvas and so on.

With the help of canvas art app, you can get the type of painting you want. You shouldn’t worry about their quality, as they will be of high quality and captivating, and the canvas prints can last more than 100 years as the printed methods are modern and professional.

The use of high-quality laminates is a must as cheap sprays will only make the photo look less attractive. Sometimes you can even ask the vendor to use paint brush stroke that gives a special and unique effect to your canvas and makes it a much more interesting piece of art. Thus, you had better not to lose time and start making the beautiful canvases you have wanted to see hung on your room walls. Believe me, your friends and relatives will like the idea and will rush to copy cat it.

What colors to use in your logo?

What colors to use in your logo?

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It is no secret that each color has a specific effect on the human brain. The choice of the color is very vital when we talk about business sphere where the primary goal of the business person is to attract as many customers as possible. No matter how stylish and fantastic dresses you have in your boutique people will not enter it unless you use some tricks to attract their attention and persuade them non-verbally to come and see the assortment. One of the essential parts of having a successful business is to use the right logo design and to choose suitable colors for it. To make this task much easier for you and to help you to make up your mind here we will present different colors and tell you what kind of effects they have on the human brain.


Did you know that the color red except for being a symbol of love and passion is able to stimulate your feeling of hunger and raising your blood pressure? It is also believed to enhance human energy and make people active and fresh. Hence, we can conclude that using this color in your logo design can be a great idea if you advertise energy drinks or food. Besides this color is said to grab people’s attention in no time and that’s the main reason so many companies use the color red in their logo design.


The color pink is very often associated with femininity and delicateness. This color is a symbol of nurture and warmth. However, the adverse effect of this color is that its main target is the female gender as it reduces the sense of masculinity. It is believed that using pink in your logo design will grab young girl’s attention making them buy your suggested product at any price.


One of the adjectives that many people associate with the color orange is ''affordable''. This is perfect for businesspeople as the likelihood of selling their product increases because a lot of people are gravitated to cheap goods. Use the color orange in your logo and make an impression of suggesting a very affordable price when in fact it is not that affordable. This color is perfect for logos that current products for young people as orange symbolizes youthfulness, creativity, and enthusiasm.


Even uttering the name of this color we become less stressed and nervous. It is not surprising as the color blue is known for its calming and relaxing effect. This color shows confidence, trust, power, success and that is the main reason so many governmental and medical logos are decorated with the color blue. If you want to earn your customers’ trust and make them believe your promises, then this pattern can be the best choice for your logo design. 

In spite of all this, whatever color you choose for your logo, you should have a precise business plan and marketing strategy to influence your targeted market not only with the logo but also with quality.

Tips for decorating with canvas

Tips for decorating with canvas

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Home is where you want to feel calm, relaxed, confident and far from everyday problems. Hence, people spend an enormous amount of money to make it a better place for living. It is advisable to have a house that brings peace and relaxation to your heart and soul. That is the main reason you should decorate your apartment with things that give you the feeling of freedom and independence. If you are planning to change the style of your house completely or you just want to redecorate it adding specific details, then you may as well be interested in canvas paints as they are really fashionable and stylish and give a unique appearance to your house. If you have the desire to know more about the tricks and tips of using canvas prints, then go on reading.

Choosing right colors

One of the most crucial things while deciding to have canvas prints in your house is to choose right colors for them. When we say right colors, we do not mean that the furniture and the canvas prints should be of the same color. No way! In the modern world, it is considered more acceptable and stylish to use such colors that will complement each other. It is also vital to use color motifs that will represent specific elements like sky, sea, sunrise or sunset. The colors should not be much saturated or causing irritation.

Print Themes

There are a few options when you think of the theme you would like your canvas print to have. You can use either abstract and nature prints, or you can choose personalized prints and photos you took a long time ago. If you have precious photos with your family members or just friends, and you always want to feel their presence and warmth in your life, then canvas prints with their photos are here to help you.


Room function

It is worth noting that you should think of the room you are going to decorate with canvas paints as it makes a lot of difference whether you use them in your room or your working office. Some colors and shapes are completely all right when you deal with your house and rooms, but you should remember that certain companies and organizations have some restrictions. Besides each color has its unique effect on our brain and it is wiser to think twice before choosing the type of canvas paints you want.

Use your imagination

When it comes to the process of deciding where to put the canvas colors, it is advisable to let your imagination run wild hanging them in the most unusual places. The days when it was accepted to hang pictures and canvas paints only for aesthetic pleasure are gone. Now it is more stylish to break all the rules in the fashion world and listen just to your heart and inner voice.

Lastly, whatever you decide on the design of your house, always remember, that your taste is much more visible in the simplicity and comfort of your home.

Kid's Room Decoration

Kid's Room Decoration

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We all want our children to have bright, attractive and exciting childhood full of fun and happy moments. Our kids go outside, make friends and spend pretty much time outdoors. However, when our children come home what they immediately want to do is to rush to their rooms and spend time there with their Barbie dolls and Soldier toys. We all remember our room when we were children, like having a private space plays a vital role in the process of upbringing our kids. The posters of our fans on the walls, the bookshelves full of many copybooks all are part of our childhood.  What is not less important is the way we decorate our kid’s room.

Fantasy the world for your kid

Thus, we have singled out a few tips that will enable you to make your kids’ room their kingdom. The first idea we can give you is to make your kid's room as fairy-tale alike as possible. In case your kid is a fan of “Harry Potter”, then you can fill his room with the things we can find in this film. Decorate your kid’s room like a Hogwarts Dormitory. Why not try a printed door as well? Cut a corkboard comparing it with the size of your child’s room, stick it in the door with the glue and add various printed characters from films or cartoons you want on it.

Girly room

If you are a parent of a coquettish girl, then you can decorate her sanctuary with the color pink. However ''cliché'' it may sound the color pink remains the favorite color of young girls and makes them feel like princesses in their palace. Place a modern bed with a shelf beneath in your daughter’s room. She can dream and sleep on the second floor while keeping her secret diary, even the notebook and other accessories of modern children in the shelf below. Don’t forget about printed doors and decorate your princess’s door with the pictures of heroines from Disney Cartoons. However, the Disney heroes are not a must; you can choose others as well.

Budget ideas

It is quite logical that you cannot afford certain expensive things for your kids. If you do not have enough means, and yet you want to see your kid smiling every day and enjoying spending time in his room, then you can make use of this budget and yet fun idea. For example, if your kid likes to draw then he will not mind having his gallery of art. Just take a length of string and stick it to the wall. Your young talent can hang his works on it and show them to his friends and other guests who come to his studio. To remind everyone they are entering a ''famous painter's'' room the use of printed door with his name and surname will be irreplaceable for this case.

To sum up, you should not save anything and, just do your best to do the childhood of your kids the best part of their lives. 

The best way to promote your business

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Today the market is full of different companies and shops that offer people nearly all the products they need. The products are of different shapes, forms, prices and each of us can choose the one he or she needs at any moment. Therefore, it is almost impossible to start a business that is unique to its type and cannot be repeated. In order not to get confused with the flow of all the companies and organizations and to make your business prosper with each day you need to remember to use all the available tips and tricks for the promotion of your business. Thus, let’s see what we can do for your business!


The first step you can do to advertise your business is to create promotional banners and, they can be helpful to your business. There are different types of layouts, custom options, and sizes, and you can choose the banners and signs you think will best describe and represent your type of business. Potential clients, customers, and even partners are attracted to colors and printing that’s why it is necessary that your banners should be eye-catching and welcoming. The choice of colors is critical in this regard. In case you want to have an impressive banner, you should choose right colors and combine them so that it might have a psychological effect on people. You can print your logo on the banner, or you can include a promotional text on it. The idea is to have banners and signs made from high-quality materials and prints so that rain, wind and even storm won’t damage them. The banners may involve flagpoles, hardware, and accessories. There are banners for outdoor events and the ones intended for indoor exhibitions and festivals. Banners show your professionalism and the extent of your seriousness for your business and potential clients.

Car magnets

Car magnets are very helpful when you do not want or just cannot afford to spend too much money on advertising. Besides, they help you to present your product to various groups of people, started from teenagers to adults, from school children to students, and so on. You can just attach it to your car and advertise your business while driving without even leaving the car or spending cent. The thing is you should make car magnets work more efficiently and here is how. Make sure that your business’s name conveys what type of services you provide. If it does not then, you had better list them on your car magnets. Remember who your target customers are and design your car magnets in a way that will attract exactly that part of the audience. Displaying your phone number in a very precise and accurate way is mandatory. Including other valuable information like your website or e-mail address can be very helpful too.

Whatever ways of advertising you choose just make sure you do everything in a professional way, as we are confident you do not want to spend money and receive nothing in return. 

Restaurant marketing tips

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You can be a successful business person who owns his or her restaurant, or you may be a young, ambitious and risky student who is planning to open one and get rich in near future. Whoever you are there are certain tips you should understand when dealing with restaurant business and marketing. These tips include not only the design of your newly open restaurant and its menu but also particular strategies to win more clients. Here are some restaurant marketing tips to help you take off.

Appetizing photos

When we look at pictures of flawless celebrities, we want to become like them, when we see delicious and appetizing photos of the food we want to taste them or when we see photos of clothing from famous brands we ache to have them. First of all, if you want to advertise your restaurant you should pay attention to what kind of photos you place on your restaurant website if you have one. There is nothing more disappointing than seeing your order on the plate that has nothing in common with the photo in the menu. It’s one of the most irritating parts of restaurant marketing. The photos should make people feel hungry and want exactly the same food as on the photo. Hiring a pro who will take amazing photos can be very beneficial. You will spend some money on photographs, but will gain even more later. Your menus should also contains quality appetizing photos. When the customer wants to order something he looks on the menu and in most cases, he chooses the meal according to the photo he saw on the menu.

Making contracts

Making contracts with popular loyalty programs will increase the number of your customers in no time. You can use different apps and programs, and particular loyalty programs may offer them to click on different links to get coupons and discount codes for restaurants, bars, shops and so on. Some of the app you can use includes Belly, Perka, etc.

Getting reviews

You can register on Yelp and get a lot of reviews from customers. However, you must be prepared to provide any details they are interested in. You should present them photos, menus, prices, location and many other details about your restaurant so it becomes more popular among people. If you receive a negative review, you should act as politely as you can and promise your customers you will work on your mistakes and wrongs.

Business cards

It is impossible to have a luxurious and well-known restaurant and not to have its personalized business card. You can print your restaurant's name on it with the address, phone number, e-mail and other information you find necessary and mandatory. You can hire someone to distribute your business cards all over the city and with the help of this marketing trick you will get more customers as your restaurant’s data will always be at people’s hand.

You should never start a business without making a full list of specific strategies. Business is a risky thing, and you should be ready for everything.

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